Between September 3-5, 2019 partners within the AIRPOXY consortium attended and presented at the 9th EASN International Conference in Athens, Greece. The conference had several plenary talks given by representatives of many of the key stakeholders in the European Aviation and Space sector including academia, the research community, industry, and policy makers.

On September 4th—Day 2 of EASN—the AIRPOXY consortium hosted the special session entitled R&D Research in the Field of Aeronautics and Air Transport. This session was chaired by Nerea Markaide from CIDETEC, and Dr. Tomas Flanagan from EIRE Composites. The session was composed of five presentations whose topics covered many aspects of the AIRPOXY project including: development of the 3R resin to match aviation standards; simulation studies; welding and thermoforming of 3R resins; structural health monitoring; and life cycle analysis. The EASN conference was a great success for the AIRPOXY consortium and a great opportunity to meet and discuss the projects work with other stakeholders in the aerospace sector.

Project coordinator Nerea Markaide presenting in the AIRPOXY session at EASN

During EASN, EURECAT, the leader of Work Package 6 in AIRPOXY, held an internal AIRPOXY workshop on life cycle analysis and human health risk assessment methodology in Athens on September 4th, 2019. At the workshop EURECAT led AIRPOXY partners through a detailed discussion on the LCA and HHRA methodologies which will be utilized in the AIRPOXY project. As part of the workshop consortium members validated LCA and HHRA flowcharts for conventional and AIRPOXY processes.

Discussing flowcharts for life cycle analysis and human health risk assessment during the EURECAT workshop

AIRPOXY also used EASN as the occasion to have the Month 12 project meeting and General Assembly. These were held at the NCSR “Demokritos” Congress Center in Athens. The main agenda of the meeting was to review the actual progress of the project and compare it with the outlined project objectives and milestones. The meeting also reviewed the progress of each work package including the major achievements, difficulties, deviations, and risks associated with each. The outlook of the project including future deliverables and milestones was also discussed.

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