Outcome from AIRPOXY project will favour the entrance in the aeronautics sector of a novel family of thermoset ocmposites that presnet the preferred properties of thermosets but the short curing times, and easy processability of thermoplastics.



Reduction of manufacturing costs of composite parts in 37% compared with autoclave processes 


  • Labour work reduction 90% 90%
  • Cost associated to equipment 50% 50%
  • Energy consumption during processing 60% 60%
  • Consumables reduction 80% 80%
  • Cost reduction vs autoclave 37% 37%


Reduction of assembly costs of composite parts in 53% compared with adhesive bonding


Energy consumption reduction from 70% to 25%

Labour work reduction from 10% to 2%

Material cost reduction from 10% to 0

Total cost reduction of 53%


Reduction of repair costs of composite parts in 50% compared with patching process


Repair cycle will be reduced from 11-16 hours to few minutes

50% reduction of rejected parts

55% reduction of repair costs

10% increase of the lifetime of the aircraft


Production rate multiplied by 100 by means of 3R thermoforming process


Cycle reduction from 300 minutes to 3 minutes

Significant reduction process cost (>20%, to be calculated in WP7)

Reduce manufacturing process complexity

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