A session dedicated to AIRPOXY is planned at the 11th EASN Virtual Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens” on 3 Septembre 2021 from 16h55.

The planned presentations are:

✈ AIRPOXY: Thermoformable, repairable and bondable smart epoxy based composites for aero structures (CIDETEC)
✈ Design of high performance 3R vitrimers and 3R adhesives for aerospace industry : development, applications and future trends (CIDETEC)
✈ Bonding strategies for dynamic 3R resin in functionalized composites surfaces made by the SQRTM process (Coexpair)
✈ Manufacturing, thermoforming and mechanical characterization of 3R composites (Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH)
✈ Evaluation of repair efficiency on 3R polymers & composites using mechanical and NDE tests (University of Ioannina)



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